No default realm defined for Kerberos! Click on the STB that it finds and click Connect. Start by troubleshooting the mute button on the remote and make sure it is controlling the component you want it to ie: Most new receivers keep this voltage going through the HDMI ports even when the receiver is turned off while some receivers especially older ones do not keep voltage through the HDMI ports when shut off. To my knowledge, nobody has reported about whether the firewire firmware bug has been fixed in the DCX Please check and try again. In order to get P or i or p resolution you have to be on a channel that is broadcasting in i or p.

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The data on your Comcast box is almost certainly encrypted. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Make a recording from one of your local broadcast channels and then play it back on the DVR. I know these are small things, but I had them before and want them back…I just dread calling the motorolx company again…they are such a pain….

June 11, motlrola 8: Those are the only 2 solutions I can offer, most likely scenario 1 — the cable company has restricted PVR anywhere to the internal HD directory on the DCX Scenario 2 only applies if you know of someone who has the external drive working and playing back on a remote DCX in which case your DCX is hooped! When i connect my samsung galaxy tab 7. A couple of other things — your hard drive needs to be formatted in Windows FAT32 format Give these things a try and let us know how you made out.


So in summary — use a brand new virgin drive or erase and reformat your drive in FAT32 format and then connect it to your motorola cable box and realize that you will only be able to use that drive with that specific cable box. Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks for your quick reply. I have not yet removed the commercials of the 4 hour recording and made a permanent copy for archiving purposes. Thanks for the info.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Is this true, I would like to get this new moto cable box pvr and hook it up through the hdmi, but not if it will cause a delay.

Jim the real core of your problem is not with Shaw but rather the shift from analog broadcasts and physical media to Digital broadcasting and streaming media. You play it on the DVR and record it to the recorder while it’s playing. I do have a friend who scouts out potential computer customers for me and he himself It seemed that the picture was not as sharp as with my old STB. Motorila would be satisfied if they even charged for that service. Thanks for your excellent responses motoeola everyone.

Can you please tell me how to hook up the external hard drive?


Motorola DCX3400 (250GB – 2TB PVR)

December 18, firswire 9: The story behind this is jotorola Motorola changed hardware vendors for the Firewire chipset when moving from their DCH cable boxes to the DCX cable boxes October 4, at 3: They also seem to go firewure of their way to satisfy their customers — this was my main reason for choosing HTC when we moved down to SC.

June 29, at 3: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Is it possible to copy tv shows from comcast dcxm to windows 7 pc without firewire? If this is how they treat their friends, I wonder what they might do to their enemies.

Then they could turn the encryption back on and disable the fire wire port again.

My Motorola HD cable box has Ethernet. What for? – Ars Technica OpenForum

March 28, at 4: Is it a Samsung by any chance? April 10, at Same for example you have an older HDTV set which is only P compatible, feeding it scx3400 P signal may result in no image since it cannot sync with the resolution being output by the cable box.

The firewire port on the Motorola boxes works in Windows as well.