MSD set the standard in programmable ignition systems. That said, we will assist in processing a claim. Delivery Options see all. Maximum Top Fuel speeds were held in check around to mph over the following years, then shot up and surpassed mph frequently in — including a Highly regarded crew chief Aaron Brooks of Morgan Lucas Racing evaluates data from past runs, then inputs his timing curve on the previous generation MSD timing control. Nitro engines are limited to ci and the blocks must be machined from forgings; no cast blocks allowed. Street Nationals Job Shadowing:

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This incredible heat ensures combustion to produce great power, quick throttle response, smooth idle and quick starts.

The NHRA has implemented tougher oil-down rules that increase fines and points penalties, even for the first infraction. The system is designed to pull timing out of the engine at a precisely controlled rate with a goal of keeping trap speeds below mph.

There is a potential of retarding these engines harder at the finish line and could potentially cause it to drop a cylinder. The NHRA has long enforced tight restrictions on Top Fuel powertrain development not only to help keep the top speeds in check but also preserve the historic character of the class.

You receive the 20 degrees duration of multiple sparks, combined with higher output to ensure complete combustion.

MSD Keeping Eye on Top Fuel Speeds With New Power Grid System

The previous system employed a hand-held screen that had to be plugged in before the crew chief could tune the ignition. MSD has answered this demand with an updated and improved version of msc popular 6LS box. Drag radial, twin turbo outlaw cars and The rules were often considered medieval, allowing only one engine architecture with a certain type and size of supercharger and mandating a 3.


When tested against a competitor’s coil, the MSD Pro Power coils produced 33 percent more current at the plug. They’re designed for drag race use only, with MSD 7 and 8 Series ignitions.

With higher speeds the emphasis again returned to the timing retard. The rev limits and rate of retard have been adjusted over the ms in response to speeds or concerns voiced by the teams.

anybody know the msd retard boxes well?

Whenever electronic controls are allowed, the industry is forever concerned over unauthorized invasion or tampering in addition to mid-run failure. Please enter a password for your user account. Results 1 to 6 of 6. All of the timing controls familiar to the crew chiefs will carry over to the Power Grid along with more precision and flexibility. If you are using the MSD box, I can send instructions.

This unit is used but functions properly. Some people just understand it better than others.

Overall there are 34 fuel-injection nozzles on a Top Fuel engine — 16 in the head, 8 in the manifold and 10 in the blower hat. At launch, you need 60 to 65 degrees of timing to get power up.

Never both Brown – First retard stage activation wire Orange – Second retard stage activation wire Gray – Third retard stage activation wire MSD Tech 1 no wire to cut, the unit is set for 20 degrees start retard when the retard wire is given 12volts during cranking that’s what i was wondering, i have to retard, i locked the timing in this dizzy.


Following the death of Funny Car driver Scott Kalitta inNHRA reduced the race distance from the traditional 1, feet to 1, feet for the nitro classes — a move that not only brought trap speeds down about five percent but also provided feet more track for the cars to stop. Build your own custom newsletter with the content you love from Dragzine, directly to your inbox, absolutely FREE!

Inside the Digital 6AL Ignition, a microprocessor manages and monitors every firing while high-efficiency circuits make more power using less current.

MSD Top Fuel Power Grid System

Those timing controls were implemented midway through the previous decade in response to escalating speeds and a couple of high-profile fatalities on the track. When 12 volts are supplied, the timing is retarded during cranking. They will test and repair right at the track. Highly regarded crew chief Aaron Brooks of Morgan Lucas Racing evaluates data from past runs, then inputs his timing curve on the previous generation MSD timing control.

He said his team had visited MSD two weeks prior for briefings and feedback on the system. Countering a pedal fest.

Funny Car has dry-sump oiling with about 3.

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