Afte a number of trials, the setting of Vmem at 2. I will try to run Prime95 longer and observe the performance. It’s not like you have a ton of hardware there. Pressing the reset switch afterwards has no effect. All payments must be clear before we will despatch any goods.

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However if you do have any problems please feel free to contact us. I have been using my pc for the past 8 months and it just hanged-up recently. Hope that helps some.

I did get errors in memtest at memory voltage of 2. Could there be something wrong with the RAM socket? You need to find one that fits the need and the budget.

MSI K8MM-V, Socket , AMD (MS) Motherboard | eBay

Thanks Tiresome for the insights. Please ensure items are returned in these if applicable. Try soundd the MB out on a peice of cardboard so that you can verify that the board is not somehow grounding out to the case. Yes that may seem a stretch but we have seen it many many times before. Do I need to do a bios recovery? Afte a number of trials, the setting spund Vmem at 2.


Thanks for the replies. About the ram-socket being bad: Thank you very much! Any comment will be appreciated. Our items do not come with drivers or accessories unless otherwise stated. What PSU do you have?

MSI K8MM-V (MS) Motherboard | eBay

I ran memtest with Vmem at 2. If you can’t find what you’re after please contact us as we are constantly adding new products to our store. I have checked the processer ram stick and hdd on separate pcs, each working correctly.

It is pretty common for a board that has been in use to sooner or later drain the CMos Battery and have issues. Then you will know your safe on power.

This is for both our protection and yours. If one is placed incorrectly, you can have severe trouble.

Any componant could have failed. International deliveries can take a while to arrive. In the last 20 months I have got it repaired 4 times and it keeps doing the same again and again. Stay away from generics as they rarely produce what the lable claims.


Meet PC audio performance requirement. The motherboard is marked MS Ver: Other combination with lower Vmem causes memtest errors at different addresses and Err-bits always at Where can I find the power rating for the board? I had occasional resets again with my rig.

MSI K8MM-V – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket 754 – K8M800 Series

There are a lot of brands in many price ranges. Please login or register. When I press the power switch again, I get the blank screen and hear the two beeps.