Creating a remote definition: I aslo own a few other software based cards. This is the first release with kernel 2. Interrupts do not work properly, at least with the MyHD. The report window is bigger how do I make it resizable??? You can’t even use the software to watch one recorded broadcast while recording a new broadcast, though that feature appears to be on the wish list for both the Fusion and the MyHD. Sat May 07,

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It is basically the same as the home brew irman receiver, right down to the PIC, as you can see from the pictures at the bottom of this page. Jan 22, Posts: Particular things that would be good: Video capture is not yet possible. This is a command line tool.

More HDTV card ?s:Air2PC or MyHd MDP-130?

Sat Apr 30, The real useful tools are available in the results page of the wizard. Originally posted by Versa: Air2PC Unless the FCC mandate gets overturned this card may linyx a very short life unless its supporting the broadcast flag and doing secure path? For someone in a small apartment or college dorm, that might be sufficient, but mjhd TV on a computer display generally isn’t as pleasing as using a larger TV.


The report window is bigger how do I make it resizable??? This linjx adds a lot of new information to the documentation on the TL chip.

This source release workspace can only be loaded in Visual Studio Image viewing is possible lknux the latest version of fbithe framebuffer image viewer. The software allows you to configure the resolution and type of display used, with most standard resolutions available.

There is a tool to write any register, though.

You can use a second application, but that’s not the same thing. Many internal improvements in this version, though few new user-worthy features.

HTPC – TV Tuner Reviews

Nov 28, Posts: I aslo own a few other software based cards. Wed Apr 20, 8: Methodical Ars Centurion Tribus: Thu Apr 28, 1: After verifying that the receiver worked with Linux’s serial driver and that the data received by my test program was identical to that shown in my investigation of the Windows MyIRC.

The Audio Authority 9A60 will handle that task, and while it costs more than the DVI daughtercard, it is also more flexible. I preferred the virtual channel mode.


Apr 26, Posts: If you can’t deal with that, then it’s an obvious choice. Fri Apr 22, 3: Use this if you want to help with driver development and testing.

MyHD Linux Driver

Judder Test for Linux. The problem with the HD mode is that it only works properly with a VGA myhc or component connections a separate VGA-to-component cable is required, but you can get it packaged with the card at many placesbut not with a DVI output.

The real fun happens on the results page, where there are three buttons: You can follow the directions in the wizard if linuxx want, or you can just skip it. The MyHD is the smallest of the remotes, and it also omits many of the extra buttons that are present on the other remotes. Fri Apr 22, Supposedly a patch for linux has been submitted.